Top 10 healthy travel tips

Top 10 healthy travel tips

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Top 10 healthy travel tips

I am currently in between travels and that makes it sometimes difficult to think about all my good eating habits when I am in my own little country. However, after spending most of my time abroad and got frustrated many times as most of the countries I visit have never heard about gluten free food, I’ll offer you hear the solution to make your life much more easier.

Download offline Google Maps

You most likely if I lost my mind on my trips abroad or that you are reading it correctly. Yes you do see it correct. Abroad the wifi connection is often lost, and using your data can be pricy, unless you are living in Europe like me and can use your data also in other countries within the EU. If you download the offline maps version for the country or countries you are visiting, you will have no troubles with reading the etiquettes. It can be quit a challenge to find which one is lactose free and which one is actually full with lactose. Definitely worth it!

Sleep and drink well

Jetlags occur from time to time. Unless you like sleeping as much as I do of course. If you have trouble with sleeping like some of my friends, try to drink a lot of plain water and try to sleep a little longer on beforehand. If you go back in time due to a different timezone it is best to sleep at the same time as the locals. Don’t follow the same sleeping routine as back home. Because you are awake longer than you would be normally, you will be guaranteed for good and long sleep.

Take powder veggies with you

You most likely know them already, if not go out there and buy them. You have dried and pressed vegetables and fruit powder that you can easily bring with you. You simply make it by adding water. Especially important if you’re lacking in eating vegetables.

Go for simple meals

Simple meals always sound easier than it is in reality. I know that it is easy to arrive in the evening and to pass by the first restaurant with junk food. However, in order to recover from the entire trip that you have made so far, it is best to choose for simple and easy to digest foods. Fruits and vegetables will always do good. If you want something better choose for chicken or fish. Don’t order yourself an extra large Cola with French Fries and Steak as it will do you more harm than good. Keeping foods and drinks light will give your body the chance to recover faster as it doesn’t need to waste all it’s energy on digesting your food.

Don’t be mad on the employee because they don’t understand you or because the room is not as expected

Yes, I know, you finally arrive at your 4 star hotel with all inclusive food and you’re tired and overall you’re hungry. Luckily you booked the all inclusive supplement. However, after you arrived you realized that the food is already cleaned or cold and that the room also don’t have a proper working airconditioning. Most of us are more busy with money than with health anyway and will blame the staff of the hotel. You’ll most likely end up in a discussion with the staff and after that they are not able to sort it out and you feel even worse. Please make an appointment with yourself that stress is not welcome. Even though it might not go as you have planned, it is super important to remain calm. Stress and adrenal levels quickly rise, and your entire body needs to pay the price for it.

Drink smoothies

Whenever you can, drink smoothies. Especially organic and fresh pressed. Mix your veggies and fruits to get a better variety and less blood sugar swings. If you’re drinking a smoothie, you are giving your body a little present. The body don’t need to do all the hard work of digesting anymore as it is directly ready to be absorbed. Vitamins will come into your body straight away!

Exercise regularly

Exercising is super important. I most likely be the only one that looks on my iPhone every week in order to determine if I did my 10.000 steps every day. Exercising is important. 10.000 steps or about 7km a day is enough. Try not to take the elevators and try to walk to the supermarket instead of taking the cab or car. You’ll feel better soon, promised!

Yoga lessons

Yoga is more popular than ever before. If you’re not familiar with it yourself, I bet that your holiday destination is. You can also watch short movies online in order to practice. For me Yoga don’t work when I am back home, however when I am abroad I want to relax and put my chill mode on. Yoga is the perfect experience to do that.

Be prepared

I tell you nothing gives me more stress than being unprepared. I am a little perfectionist and I always arrange everything into detail. People often tolerate this from me and normally we’re always fine luckily. However, I always have those smart ass friends that think it is is way nicer to go “on the bonnefooi” in Dutch with other words to go without a pre booking to see where that takes us. I tell you, little Sanne feels stressed every minute. And stress is exactly where I ain’t looking for when I’m going on holidays. I always make sure to make enough double choices so we can always decide if we go for one or the other. I also make sure to add some resting days so in case that I change my mind I can still swap the planning. Works best for me though.

Do your research on the food

Last but not least, read about the country and about the food and drinks that they are selling or providing. It’s absolutely good that you want to pursue your gluten and lactose free diet, but if they don’t sell any of those things, it will be a true challenge for you. I always check if I need to take some gluten free stuff with me on the go in order to survive the days where I am not able to choose for fresh foods. However, this diet abroad is not easy and is a true challenge for many of us. Please do not underestimate it. If you need to check in luggage because of your food, please do so. However please be aware that especially fresh food like fruits and vegetables cannot be important to a lot of countries. Make sure to always check the customs and airline rules that apply for the country that you are visiting. You definitely don’t wan’t to explain why you wanted to import that special type of food in order to eat it, while they thing you are going to harm their environment.

So those are my top 10 most important tips to have a good and healthy holiday. Of course make sure you always have some emergency medicines with you in case you become food poisoned or anything bad happens with you. I would also recommend insurances in some countries in case you become injured or ill.

Save travels,


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