Quarantine and excercise

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Quarantine and excercise

Laatst bijgewerkt op 6, May 2020 by Sanne

I have this application on my phone where I can count the amount of steps that I am taking every day. Since the entire situation with the pandemics, I noticed that my exercise has grown to a new level. A non existent one to be honest. And even tho I adore to be working from the house for a lot of reasons, it also made me realize a lot of things. One of them is that it is pretty working to work from home without people around you and the other one is that I became super lazy in 2 months already.

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So when I was not working and going to school I used to bike to school and walk a lot of stairs and to classrooms. After that I started to work my first big fulltime job. I used to think that I was really doing a great job because we have several floors, I use the bathroom and the canteen all the time, and because the food was on the 15th floor. However. when I was actually tracking my steps I noticed that I only did a good 2500 steps on a 10 hours working day. That sounded kinda disappointing. Now that I am working from home this has decreased to 1500 steps on a daily base. That is another 100 steps less! I knew that I needed to come up with something that was working out for me as most of the people stay inside those days and so am I.

Let’s do home work outs!

That is literally what I thought after watching a couple facebook advertorials, but then I quickly realized that was nothing for me. However, over the past 2 months of working from home, I made my life a lot easier and now I used to walk around 5000 steps on a working day. That is double off what I used to do at the office. So you might wonder what changed? My motive, my perspective, another podcast about functional medicine obviously and no energy!

Then what did the magic?

With the following tricks you will make your work life more challenging whether that is from your home office or whether that is from your office building.

  • Stand up from the chair and sit down again
  • Desk push up (make sure that your desk is strong enough to support your computers and the additional weight)
  • Stretch your arms on both side while on the phone
  • Rotate neck, shoulders and look from the left to the right a couple of times
  • Make sure to have a good posture, meaning to sit down in an ergonomic way
  • Ask your partner to massage you in the break! (Will make you feel fantastic, 100% guarantee)
  • 10 minutes after dinner walk (in terms of your health, after a meal, is really the best time)
  • Put the dustbin on the other side of the room and don’t collect trash at your desk. This makes you walk every time you have something to throw away
  • Instead of calling of mailing your colleague, walk to their desk (not possible if home office obviously)
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Do the household inbetween your breaks to be active
  • Put your phone in another room or floor. Everytime you like to use it you will have to walk there to get it
  • There are hometrainers available with a laptop holder, if you are really desperate, this is a great fit

Becoming more healthy

Did you notice that you have difficulties with eating healthy at work? You are not alone, most of us have difficulties with cooking our own food in general. Imagine you also have to work all day, having 0 energy left and you also have 500 other obligations from the moment you come home. This probably sound familiar to most of us. I will give you my most handy tips that will get you through the week:

  • Make yourself a morning smoothie (protein powder, fruits and veggies)
  • If you soak your oats before bedtime, you will not only remove the bad stuff that comes out off it, but you will also need less time to prepare it, oatmeal is still one of the most healthy breakfast options out there.
  • Prep meals in the weekend for the week, you never over eat, you always have the right amount and you eat healthy food
  • There is healthy food like grilled fish or chicken that only need to be reheat for a couple of minutes in the pan. Its fresh, delicious and overall healthy, add some herbs for digestion or some lemon and your a chef yourself!
  • Don’t buy yourself unhealthy food, if you don’t have it, you cannot eat it
  • Cook wholesome food – you only have to eat 2-3 times a day if you don’t eat empty carbs (also you don’t crave carbs, sugars and candy and all of that stuff)
  • Exercise 30 minutes everyday (walking is also exercise)
  • Turn on your favorite song and move that body
  • Green powder juices, healthy, filling and give you an energy boost
  • Sleep at least 8 hours every night
  • Sleep before 11 to make sure your body can restore itself
  • Do a detox cure (gut cleanses or liver cures are great!)
  • Change your chemicals in the house for natural resources – baking soda is my absolute favorite
  • Make your own soap, healthy, great to make and no chemicals inside!
  • Turn your phone off if you are asleep, radiation is not good for anybody
    Some people have a router in the children’s room, also this is not good for anyone’s health and especially when children are still growing this can be harmful
  • 30 minutes of sunlight every day (works to fight depression (vit D) and recharges you)
  • Do something that you really want (be honest to yourself, when was the last time?)
  • Reduce stress – mediate, breathing techniques, do something you always enjoyed as a kid
  • Look back at old photographs and think back about your greatest memories
  • Do 10 minutes nothing and stand still at the things you have
  • Smile more
  • Share your love with your loved ones
  • Be nice to yourself and your pet
  • Read that book that you crave for soooo long!
  • Develop yourself, do what really makes you happy

Some wise words

It’s been a while since I really start writing. Mainly because it is so time consuming and normally hard work only pays off after a very long time. Recently I have received some really unexpected feedback about my work that really motivated me to write more and share more of my knowledge. People lately ask me a lot for advise and truly valued my feedback. Who would have thought that 5 years ago, when I started my own health journey and where I was the patient, the roles would be the opposite now? Certainly not me. If you meet the right people your work will be appreciated, write for yourself but make sure to share your passion. so others can feel inspired. Thanks to likeminded people who wanted to spread health in the world, I was able to sort my own health issues and now able to help others with the issues they are facing. A truly rewarding feeling. You never know when your moment will be, but if you will never do it, your moment will never come.

All the best,


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  • Ahmad sadek
    Posted at 23:48h, 06 May Reply

    I can say honestly you chang me
    Your advices to me will never forget
    Thanks for everything and all the best for you

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