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Sanne Boerma, orthomolecular therapist and nutritionist.


My name is Sanne. When I became inexplicable sick 4 years ago and none of my doctors nor the hospitals were able to tell me what the issue was I decided that it was by time to change life completely.


As a child I have always been a difficult eater. This didn’t gave me the best start, I realize now. I found out that with the right changes in my lifestyle and diet I was able to have way more energy than ever before. I also had less issues with fatigue where I was dealing with for half of my life. This is something that my mom was also dealing with for over 20 years. Afterwards, I realize that illnesses are a beautiful way of the body to explain you that something is wrong and should be addressed.


I also want you to be the best possible version of yourself, because it took me 3 years that I rather had spent differently. I needed to quit for example my studies for tourism while I was really wanted to work in the tourism world as I adore to travel.  Of course the path along was not only darkness. It brought me some good life lessons also within my circle of friends.  Most of them didn’t passed until today, luckily some of them also stayed and I truly encourage every moment I have with them.

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From the people is sick and is living with the complaints from it

from your complaints can be solved by adapting a healthy lifestyle

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Do you have issues with finding the articles and can you also not see the wood for the trees? I have put the most read articles in a little list.


We all know that it isn’t easy to create nice recipes that are also responsible and easy to make. Luckily I saved my best and most delicious recipes for you.

o you have a gluten intolerance, Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel or a gluten sensitivity? It is smart to avoid gluten when you are facing one of those issues.

Many people do themselves a favor when they remove grains from their main diet. Of course it is possible to eat some gluten once in a while.

With the tips in my articles you’ll be able to find your way in the gluten free world.


Are you lactose intolerant or do you have a slimy throat every time after you drink milk? It is wise to remove product with milk sugar (lactose) in it.

Many of us can actually not handle lactose very well. If you are on of them it is very important to avoid dairy products.

Lactose is present in many products, luckily there are many replacements:

Look for the entire list in my articles.


Do you also have issues in deciding in the morning what you should prepare in the morning? With those tips you learn to prepare the best dishes for in the early morning.

>> Breakfast

The nicest lunches

To make a delicious lunch can be sometimes a bit difficult. Though you’ll learn soon enough that there is a lot undiscovered in the world out there.

>> Lunch


You can make the most delicious dessert with those recipes


Glutenfree food is really not that difficult anymore as it was years ago. You can make your true gluten free dishes now all by yourself.

>> Glutenfree


Go vegetarian

Go vegetarisch

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An optimal acidity from 7,0 is crucial for stable health


Help the lymphatic system a little and make stretch marks less visible

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Intermittent fasting is important to support your health


Stress reduction is very important for your immune system


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