Eating healthy should become easier during the years


Eating healthy should become easier during the years

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What is eating healthy nowadays? I think that I know it, but when I look around me, I realize that no one seems to know what eating healthy truly means. Often I hear the reason that you are healthy if you are thin and don’t have some extra pounds that you carry with you. But what of this is really true? Actually nothing. Yes, you can be skinny and healthy, but the same apply for having +10 kg and being fuller than others. The same apply also the other way around, you can be skinny and unhealthy at the same time. In order to avoid the painful fact that the newer generations are born with more disorders than ever before, we have to come up with more realistic and drastic changes. Luckily, we have people that are hired for this, to do the thinking for you. So you don’t need to dive deep into a health course, but can go easy on the following advise created by the health council.

Becoming more healthy vs living longer

If you could take a pill that would give you the highest levels of health that we could have, would you take it? Answer is yes; we all want to live a healthy and vibrant life and growing old without issues. However, let us change the question in reverse: would you take a pill if it would shorten your days on the planet? The answer will be No! If you pop the question like that, it sounds kinda cruel. However, most of us try our best to get a pill without even knowing it. It is very though to live our lives in the best possible way, but the day to day choices that we are making on a daily basis is far from the best choices that we can make. If we want to become healthier and if we want to live longer without having day to day issues, we have to face the truth. Meaning that with every decision that we are making, we need to ask ourselves: is this the best decision or can I make a better decision for the moment. Eating bad is not necessarily a bad decision, it becomes bad when you have the possibility to choose between healthy and bad food, and you go for the bad one. Beside that, if we would eat 90% ideally and 10% bad, we would still feel great and full of energy. However, in the western diet its more a 10/90% range instead. If we want to live the healthy and vibrant life, that we were used to when we were kids, we need to go back to the roots. Eating as healthy as possible.

Food that leads to a healthier life

Consume less animal products and consume more plant based foods.
Eat a minimum of 200 grams vegetables and 200 grams of fruits.
Eat at least 90 grams of whole wheat bread (not recommended for people with gut issues).
Eat legumes on a weekly bases.
Eat at least 15 grams of unsalted nuts per day.
Take some portions of dairy on a daily basis.
Eat at least 1 time a week fatty fishes (like salmon).
Replace butter and lard for plant based fats.
Replace unfiltered coffee to filtered coffee.
Don’t consumer too much red meat.
Cut down on drinks that contain added sugars.
Try to avoid alcohol, otherwise not more than 1 glass a day.
Drink 3 glasses of tea on a daily bases.
Don’t take more than 6 grams kitchen salt per day.
The use of supplements is not needed, unless there is a general advise known for your group.

Government says also yes to less sugar

Because not only people are more and more aware of things like a sugar addiction, we start making progress the last years. There are governments that decides that the sugar addiction need to stop and therefore they prohibited manufacturers to add more than a certain amount of sugars in their food. By making all the food less sweet, we automatically move to a healthier life style. However, it takes a lot of time in order to get countries from a lot of sugar to a limited amount of sugar. Despite the fact that this encourage manufacturers to make more healthy alternatives, which we than will be able to buy.

What is healthy for me?

To keep things short and easy:

If you eat a diet that is high in fibers from the vegetables and fruits you eat.
If you eat a variety of different foods
If you don’t focus on one product group only
When you eat a mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fats
When you focus on the real foods
When you limit sugar intake
When you drink plenty of water during the day
When you eat fish 2 times a week
When you eat clean food like biological or wild caught.
When you exercise 30 minutes every day
When you live in a healthy environment

Furthermore, there are always a thousand reasons why you can become more healthy than you already was. However, reality is that if you don’t want to do it yourself, it is also unhealthy as forcing is against your nature. Tr to do your best in the best possible way that you can support. Eating clean takes months, even years and is something that you do day in day out. Little steps now, will become big progress later.

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